Dress Code

Note - the school gets money back when you order with the number below:

Preferred School Program

School Code: 900102278 -PETTIGREW ACADEMY


Logo Number: 0544474K

Shirts - Must have a collar and sleeves, if a logo, then only ours from Land's End.

We are phasing out the Navy blue for the future, it is fine to wear them until they are outgrown.  When purchasing new, please choose from black, white, baby blue, and pink.

Pants/Skirts - Black and Khaki and the clear blue plaid from Land's End
Shoes - Any with a toe, no high heals
Makeup - None
Socks - Solid White, Black, Navy or Pink for field trip or going out days, any otherwise
Indoor sweaters or sweatshirts - Again, navy blue is fine, but for future purchases please choose black or white.  No logo, unless it is our official school logo.
Outdoor coats - any

Gardening Days (now on Wednesday) JEANS (no rips or holes and solid blue or black)
and a T-shirt WITH our logo from Land's End only or a regular school shirt.

Hair - Should be kept out of the eyes
Jewelry - Small or medium, no large pieces due to safety on the playground

Please use good, modest judgement on free dress days and if wearing leggings on older girls, the shirt should come down below the hip.  Please do not dress in too tight clothing, it hampers play/work. 

Please put initials in sweaters and coats. 


Luncheons are the last Tuesday of each month at 11:30, please bring fruit to share.  I provide lasagna for the adults.  Students bring their own lunch.

Please choose any two to send in August.

Trash bags - large black and/or kitchen size (no scents please)
Potting soil and/or mulch
Paper plates and/or bowls/and or cups
Paint brushes (any size will work, we do varied projects)
Duct tape (any color)

Please bring the items below on the first of your luncheon month.
Once a year supplies are:
Toilet paper, 6 double rolls
8 rolls of paper towels
2 Clorox wipes
1 box of Kleenex
1 cleaning item - your choice (suggestions - scrubbies, Windex, all purpose cleaner, cloths, pledge, Lysol, dish soap, toilet bowl, etc.)

Student Supply List

Student Supply List
3 red 16x16 pavers per child. Please unload behind the gazebo.  We need a walk from the Nature Center to the front. 
4 thin expo markers
2 - 24 colored pencils
24 #2 Pencils
4 hand held pencil sharpeners
1 pkg. notebook paper - Middle and High School
1 pkg. white copy paper-Upper Elem. only
1 pkg.(or pad) of blue/ red dotted middle line writing  paper - Lower Elem. only
5 PLAIN folders with pockets (2 blue,1 yellow, 1 green, 1 pink) or the colors you can find
1 ruler
1 pair pointed scissors (1 sewing scissors also)
4-6 glue sticks
1 white school glue
1 pkg. construction paper OR pkg. colored copy paper (any color)
1 black/white composition book
1 spiral - 70 sheet
2 - scotch tape
1 pink eraser
1 bag zip lock baggies, any size
1 hand soap


Foil wrap
Saran Wrap
Paper plates
Paper bowls
Trash bags (kitchen size)
Duct tape
paint brushes (any size)

New Students only - 3 inch solid blue binder, no designs/cartoons.

Put name on scissors, binder, ruler, white glue, eraser and tape ONLY.  Do not put name on folders, please.

Please send all pencils sharpened, thank you.