Middle & High School
The Upper School will continue to follow the Montessori Philosophy which produces global citizens and encourages innovative thinking. The student-teacher ration is 1 to 8 or less.  Students help design their own program which will meet all State requirements while allowing them to explore their own passions and interests. Our curriculum is Humanities based and honors all learning styles.  Both classical and 21st Century techniques of instruction are utilized. It will include Fine and Practical Arts, Classical Literature, Rhetoric, Logic, Foreign Languages, Varied Sciences, Math, Geography, Social Studies, Communication and more as well as the current requirements by the State for a High School diploma.

The  small and inviting environment is excellent for the older student who is inclined to enjoy learning and accepts personal challenges.  The mixed age group allows for all to demonstrate their area of expertise and learn many new skills through varied and non-competitive electives. Being adjacent to the elementary school provides many leadership opportunities.

Learning activities in the Upper School  are built around a set of essential concepts, skills, and experiences that offer students a framework for understanding the complexity of the world. Students will be provided with opportunities to:

  • Choose topics of interest to research within given categories
  • Communicate well in written and oral formats
  • Craft original research projects and papers
  • Present papers and projects in symposia
  • Take part in Socratic seminars to discuss topics of study
  • Pick independent study topics covering a semester
  • Learn organization and time management skills
  • Present learned material in a variety of formats that appeal to different learning styles
  • Work individually and in small groups
  • Design and perform science experiments
  • Participate in sustainability projects
  • Meet with experts in different fields of study
  • Be involved in 4H
  • Care for goats, chickens, doves, ducks, etc. that live on the school property
  • Incubate different kinds of eggs
  • Grow herbs and vegetables in the garden
  • Participate in many excursions to museums, historical sites, etc.
  • Help in a community service project
  • Lead or participate in weekly Upper School Meetings